Holiday Favorites


We'd love to share a few of our holiday favorites with you this season, and a few friends + family snapping a pic with Santa Bro. Cheers + the warmest of holiday wishes to you all!

Now, cue the Bing Crosby White Christmas album!




Kristin's niece + nephew's wishing you all well this holiday season!




It's a Charlie Brown...errrrr, Roy + Bro Christmas.





 Shane of Nashville based startup Skyward Accounting. A cool dude indeed. 



Luke of Nashville based Eli Mason cocktail mixers...we know what we'll be sipping this holiday!




Do we love CreativeMornings? You bet we do! (well, we better, as Kristin is one of the organizers) Enjoy a pep talk from past Nashville speaker Brad Montague to get you fired up + inspired for the new year! Be awesome + do good.



Hey! It's Karen Lee from Walk Eat Nashviile, head of the coolest new tours in town. Stop in, learn about + sample at local eateries all while taking in the history of Nashville's quaint, hip neighborhoods. Sounds like a win-win.




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