Why should I choose your beard specific products? How are they different than regular shampoo & conditioner?

Good question. We get asked this all the time. Our beard specific products are purposefully formulated for the more sensitive areas on your face. Because our products start with an aloe vera base (the oil with a coconut oil base) they will help keep those sensitive areas hydrated. If the skin under your facial hair is taken care of, you will notice a much happier, healthier beard, no doubt. And being 100% all natural, you won't be putting any chemicals into your skin, so that's a definite bonus. Can you also use these on the top of your head? Sure! We just wouldn't recommend using regular shampoos & conditioners on your beard, as they sometimes contain alcohols and chemicals that will in turn dry out the skin under your facial hair, leaving you with the issues we strive to avoid (gnarly split ends, dry itchy spots, beardruff, etc. You get the idea...)

Your products are all natural. Just how natural is that?

All natural means 100% ALL natural. Our world-class production process and the best ingredients available are crucial to making superior products. We use only the finest plant oils available to us.

Are these products for the beard only?

Nope. Although formulated for the more sensitive bearded area of the face, they will do wonders for the hair on top of your head too. We just don't recommend using a regular formulated shampoo + conditioner on your beard, as many times they contain alcohols and chemicals that may easily dry out those facial areas. Nobody likes that.

Rats, I don't have a beard!

No prob, Bob. We don't discriminate against the beardless. We gladly offer our all natural, bamboo-infused shave cream & after shave for those wanting to enhance their beardlessness. The hydrating and healthy effects of our aloe vera based products will help you avoid razor burn and the dreaded "after shave bumps." Many folks, women included, have told us they are getting the smoothest, closest shave they've ever had. That would partly be based on the fact that a good shave cream (one that is alcohol free, as opposed to a shave foam) will allow the hair follicles to stand straight out, allowing a much closer shave. 

Is Beardition a Made in the USA company?

We sure are! We proudly work with the best local Nashville sidekicks (companies) we can find...and a few beyond these great city limits, but all of the production, packaging, printing, etc. is done within the USA. We do of course want to spread our beard love (and not-so-fully-bearded love) to all corners of corners of the world map tho!

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. We also accept payment thru Paypal, which is an option at checkout.

What type of shipping do you offer?

We currently offer USPS flat rate shipping (based on weight). We ship 3-5 day priority mail, allowing 1-2 days for processing order.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Well, sort of. Just drop us an email (kslice@beardition.com) and we will calculate the cost, then invoice you via email. We hope to get an international shipping option up and running soon in the shop. In the meantime, thanks for your patience with this roundabout way. Also, you can check out our international retailers, as that may be a better option for you at this time.

Can I return my order and get a refund?

Refunds will only be granted for unused products or items. Refund requests must occur 21 days from the order date. Shipping costs will not be refunded. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Please email customerservice@beardition.com.


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