Summer Grooming

Summer Grooming

June 20, 2016

summer grooming tips for men

We get it. You’re probably ready for a little clean up, or maybe even a fresh start, a blank canvas this time of the year. No judgement from us. Heck, it’s hot out there. Go ahead and embrace your beardlessness for a few months. We still have you covered. 

And when we say we still have you covered, we mean it. Just because our name suggests we are giant fans of the fully bearded (we definitely are), we don't discriminate. We fully encourage the fellas to clean up around the edges and go for a fresh start if the time calls for it (summer is usually a good time). 

So just how do we suggest you best enhance your beardlessness? With our all natural shave products, of course. We'll share a little about our products below and leave you with a few other shaving tips + tools.

Tips + Tools

So we are totally not suggesting every dude lose their facial hair and start fresh each summer. That would be a bad business move on our part. But it is a good grooming habit to keep clean around the edges...the neck and so forth. We can all agree less is more in the summer, hence the perfect time to get into the habit. Here are a few tips to get you rollin'.

1. Use a shave cream vs foam or gel from a can. Canned foams or gels contain more air, which affect their ability to adequately suspend your facial hairs upright during your shave. This decreases the softness, or thoroughness of your shave and also increases the likelihood that your razor will drag across your skin and "burn" it. Many shave foams also contain alcohol, which will draw the moisture out of your skin. Our shave cream starts with an aloe vera base, which helps lock moisture in and hydrates sensitive skin to prevent razor burn.

2. Ideally, shave in the direction of the facial hair growth. The hair furthest down on your neck generally grows in an upward direction. 

3. Use an after shave liquid or lotion. When finished shaving, rinse with water and pat dry. Follow up with a good quality after shave that will moisturize and nourish this freshly shaved, vulnerable skin. Our all natural after shave is aloe vera based, which when setting into the open hair follicles will help to hydrate and sooth the skin, leaving you with a legitimately cool feeling, not those darn bumps that sometime form post-shave.

4. Keep your razor blade clean and sharp! If your not keen on repeatedly buying new razor blades (seriously, so many cooler things to spend your money on, right?) we have a suggestion. Our local Nashville pals over at ShaveFace came up with the Strop. It's a great tool to help keep your blades sharp! Check it out.


Styling + Profiling Shave Cream

Smooth, thin application || Can be applied like a thin lotion or mixed in a bowl and applied with shaving brush || Highly concentrated (a little goes a long way) || All natural ingredients, including Organic Aloe Leaf Extract, Vitamin E and Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil || Essence of Bamboo fragrance || Locks moisture into skin || No alcohol, great for sensitive skin || Aloe vera base + cream consistency reduces razor burn

Women also find this product very much appealing, so watch out may disappear. We are not held responsible.



 Legitimately Cool After Shave

All natural ingredients, including Organic Aloe Leaf Extract, Vitamin E and Organic Tea Tree Essential Oils || Essence of Bamboo fragrance || Aloe vera base + liquid concentrate allows formula to really sink into the skin and nourish the fresh shaven hair follicles, preventing ingrown hairs and post shave bumps




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