Friday Finds: 5 Fun Ways to Cheer on Team USA at the Olympic Games

Friday Finds: 5 Fun Ways to Cheer on Team USA at the Olympic Games

August 04, 2016

It's time for the Friday Finds. What better list to create today than the five best ways to cheer on Team USA in the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio! We definitely have Olympic fever here at Beardition hq. Seriously, what other event can get the world to just stop and support each other? No fighting, no politics...just love, pride and passion. There's nothing else like it. So here are five ways to show a little USA spirit and keep up with your favorite athletes/sports over the next 16 days.


1. Rock the USA shades

What easier way to show your Team USA pride then with a rad pair of stars and stripes on your face. Now who knows if you can actually see thru these, but who cares? You'll look awesome and people will definitely know who you're cheering for.


USA sunglasses


2. Get the 2016 Olympic emojis

Be the ultimate fan with the 2016 Rio keyboard. You'll no doubt be the hit of the texting thread when you're chatting about all the amazing moments of the games.


2016 Rio Olympic emojis


3. Get the official Team USA app

This baby will give you EVERYTHING Team USA. real-time Rio Results Tracker during the Games from all Team USA events | video-on-demand library of original Team USA programming of highlights and behind-the-scenes moments | latest breaking news, features, photos and videos on Team USA | customizable home screen and push notifications allowing fans to follow their favorite athletes, teams or events. Honestly, all the Team USA you can handle, bro. 


2016 Olympic Team USA app
Grab a pair of these Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Americana Low Tops and you'll be the coolest kid cheering on Team USA. Even Michael Phelps will think so. 
Converse Americana Low Tops
Why not snag a slick looking tee like this 3/4 sleeve triblend raglan from Threadless, designed by Scott Fuller. All it takes is a simple splash of the ole red, white and blue to show a little pride. USA! USA!
USA raglan tee
Just out this week, you can grab our new All American issue of Bro Magazine for free in the shop! Check out more details on the blog.
Bro Magazine Issue 004 Beardition



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