Coffee with Cool Folks: Y'allsome

Coffee with Cool Folks: Y'allsome

October 09, 2016



Meet Megan and Craig Evans, the ultra cool couple behind the Southern brand Y'allsome. We recently sat down over some Steadfast coffees with them (a Nashville favorite) for our latest issue of Bro Magazine, the (kind of ) fashion issue. These two were such a pleasure to chat with, and yes, they have a really impressive story. For starters, listen to this, “All Y’allsome products are made using Southern businesses. 15% of the profits from the sale of each product goes to help Southern foster kids find permanent homes. The South is awesome, but fostering it is y’allsome. Pretty great, right?

For about two years, Y’allsome has been working to create a top notch lifestyle brand. They’ve started with tees, hats, and prints showcasing a mix of Southern charm, modern wit and great design. Read on to learn a bit more about their story, favorite Southern foods and where to find them this Fall .And good news...they’re continuing to grow!

Y'allsome Prints

Bro: So you are both originally from the South. How did you meet?
Yes, I’m from Charlotte and Craig is from Charleston. We actually just moved back to the South (Nashville) about a year ago. The two of us had been introduced by some friends when we were both living and working out in LA. Oddly, work has taken us both back and forth between NYC and LA for many years before we knew each other. We must have been destined to meet tho as we were married within five months! ::big smile::

Bro: What are your backgrounds? How did you come to form the company?
I have a background in PR and started my own personal stylist business when I was between NYC and LA, which I still currently run. 
Craig: I started out in design and worked my way up to art director in the advertising world in both NYC and LA I became quite familiar with writing copy and commercials for some pretty great accounts, such as NIke, ESPN, MasterCard and Volkswagon. As much as I enjoyed the work, it eventually came time to step out of the office life and get back to the true basics of good ole design. I really wanted to give something of my own a try, hence the idea of starting a company such as Y’allsome. Although we were still living in LA when we were thinking up the company, we knew we wanted to pay tribute to our Southern roots.

Bro: Who gets credit for thinking up the (awesome) name?
I actually just threw the name out to Megan at dinner one night. This was before we had all the plans ironed out for the company so she said, “I don’t know what we will use it for, but we need to do something with that name. I’m calling our lawyer to get it trademarked tomorrow!”

Y'allsome Tees

Bro: Where do you come up with some of the phrases on your goods? Are they old Southern family sayings?
That’s all Craig and his advertising background. The combination of his design, marketing, copy and commercial writing, wit and Southern charm make for some pretty fun pieces.

Bro: Since this is somewhat of a fashion issue, do you have a favorite shop or go-to piece in your wardrobe?
Being a personal stylist, a few of my local go-to’s are Emerson Grace, Ceri Hoover, Flip Nashville and White’s Mercantile.
Craig: You can generally find me in a Billy Reid shirt and Hudson shoes.

Bro: Favorite Southern food?
collard greens and fried chicken
Craig: hush puppies and sweet tea

Bro: Favorite Southern saying?
Yes, mam.
Craig: Y’all (of course)

Bro: Favorite place to visit in the South?
I think we could both agree on Pawley’s Island, SC. 

Bro: What does the future hold for Y’allsome? Where can we find you this Fall
We’ll be at the Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, TN (9/23-9/24), American
Field in Atlanta (11/12-11/13) and Made South in Franklin, TN (11/18-11/19).
Craig: We’re definitely excited to grow into more then just a company with tees and hats. We see ourselves becoming a lifestyle brand, possibly adding quality bags and such in the future. The pieces may not all scream the South with visual designs as they currently do, but instead will be about the quality, where they’re made and giving back to the foster kids, which are aspects all very important to us. The other part of Y’allsome we are excited to continue growing is the collaborations and design work we’ve been doing with such companies as George Dickel (TN whisky), the Pilgrimage Festival, Charleston Food + Wine Festival and others. 

Interested in collaborating? Head to and contact them...and grab some cool Southern goods. Oh, and follow along with them on socials!

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ps...we love their new line of Southern college football teams...head to their shop to check out the rest!

Y'allsome College Football Tees

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