Bro Magazine: Issue 004

Bro Magazine: Issue 004

August 04, 2016

Issue 004 of Bro Magazine, the inside scoop from Beardition, is our All American Issue! We celebrate being a proud American Made company, as well as an ode to our home and favorite US city, Nashville, TN. 

This issue is laid out in more of a fold-open, map style, so we'll share some of the contents with you below as best we can. If you'd like a free print version, head over to our shop!

Bro Magazine Issue 004, the inside scoop from Beardition


Yes, we DEFINITELY believe in Nashville.

Why, you ask? Well, it's been our home for over a decade. Nashville has that Southern charm, hospitality and cooking' you just don't find anywhere and you'll meet some of the friendliest folks around, no doubt. Oh, and loads of cool makers, too.

So at the end of the day, we just love being in a place like this. Companies are collaborating, the creative scene is booming and entrepreneurs seem to find a way to do what they love. It's quite inspiring. Who could blame us for loving this city?


Bro Magazine Issue 004 We believe in Nashville


Bro's Picks: A look at some of Bro's favorite goods, brands and hangs from Nashville all the way across the great USA. We've shared a few of the lists in further detail below.


Nashville brands to check out: 

Here is a list of some of our favorite brands around Nashville to check out. Some are good friends and some are newer to the scene, but all are coming out with some pretty top notch goods (geared a little more for the fellas) to add to your list for gifts, entertaining or simple household staples.

Eli Mason Cocktail Mixers || Denim & Spirits || Tucker & Bloom || Holler Design || Mitchell Bat Company || Nisolo Shoes || Oil + Lumber || Nola Granola || Straw Castle || Y'allsome || Nerdwax || Salemtown Board Co.


Men's shops to pop by in Nashville:

Nashville is overflowing with cool new brands and shops throughout the city. Here's a roundup of men's shops to stop by and pickup some great local gear.

Two Son || Haymakers & Co. (carries Beardition) || Oak Nashville (carries Beardition) || Wheat & Co. || Jack Randall || Peter Nappi || Moto Moda || Imogene + Willie


Top notch men's stores in the USA:

This list could easily go on and on. We've highlighted just a handful of men's shops to check out across the US, a few of which we personally work with (we can't say enough about how cool those shop owners are). 

James Dant (Indianapolis, IN, carries Beardition) || Manready Mercantile (Houston, TX) || Independence (Chicago, IL) || American Trench (Philadelphia, PA) || Iron and Resin (online) || William Rogue & Co (Minneapolis, MN, carries Beardition) || Stag Provisions (Austin, TX) || Indigo & Cotton (Charleston, SC)


 *And as we like to note, we are oh so proudly....

made in the us

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