Brews With a Cool Dude: Michael Krewson

Brews With a Cool Dude: Michael Krewson

June 28, 2016


Michael Krewson | Mill Creek Brewing Co. | Nashville, TN

This month we sat down with Michael Krewson, co-owner of Tennessee's own Mill Creek Brewing Co. A former auditor turned brewman, we came to learn just how cool he is (he does keep the fridge at our co working space stocked with beer, so we already knew he was pretty cool), but he’s also a closet pianist AND starter of the new Fogmatic Podcast, which is all about the intersection of beer in our everyday lives (find it on iTunes). Enjoy our chat about summertime, Mill Creek Brewing and running a small biz in this month's installment of Brews With a Cool Dude.

BRO: Favorite patio in Nashville to relax and enjoy a beer? 
MK: I would have to say Hops & Crafts, followed closely by The Pharmacy’s backyard Bier Garden. That’s a sweet spot.

BRO: Ideal summer escape...beach, mountains or urban travels?
MK: Definitely some cool urban exploring.

BRO: Do you enjoy putting on The Chef’s apron and getting behind the grill? Favorite food to enjoy off the grill?
MK: Ohhh...not really a grill guy. If I’m at a backyard bbq, I want to be socializing with people, not stuck cooking. I do however love a good burger from the grill.

BRO: How did you get into co-owning a beer company? When did Mill Creek Brewing Co. launch?
MK: Like most brewers, I started with home brewing. Add in the fact that I hated my job at the time (I was an auditor) and voila, when the opportunity arose with my biz partner, I said “Why not?” The first beer went to market in July of 2015. This sure beats auditing. 

BRO: Is there a story behind the company name/name of your beers? 
MK: The company name is a geographical reference. My biz parter Chris lives by Mill Creek out in Nolensville, TN. The four beers in our current line all slightly reference the South/rural TN. There’s Lil Darlin (citrus wheat), Silo (farmhouse ale), Landmark (vintage lager) and Woodshed (IPA).

BRO: Best part of running your own company? Biggest challenge?
MK: The best part is being in charge of your own destiny and having the motivation to see something you’ve created succeed. The biggest challenge is there are not enough hours in the day for sleep! And there’s so much you have to learn on the job, it’s kind of crazy. Worth it, but hard work.
BRO: So you’ve created a podcast about beer?! How long have you been doing this and where can we find episodes?
MK: Yup! Fogmatic is a podcast about beer and its intersection with everyday life. We’re just three episodes in and you can find it on iTunes. Check it out!

Now, stay cool and go grab a six pack of Mill Creek (available around Nashville in select  Kroger stores and at

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